hiii i'm happy you're here

if you're feeling stressed watch this.

a constantly growing master list of my favorite foods

i miss Sophie

some thoughts about killumbus, ohio.

Update boring but its there 3/16

realizing i have synesthia and experimenting with it

cable man tells me his theory

another silly little diary entry

writing goodbye to blue jean tyranny. slightly embarrassing, but i meant what i said

a paper on modern art's transformation from a popular hobby into a bourgeois subculture in Paris at the turn of the 20th century

three poems

here is a link to some things i've made and my social media.

we are just having fun and vibing here online. i want to post more fun things as i find them. thank you for coming. ilu

**none of the images on this site are mine, unless i say otherwise. they are just things i found online**